41148 Episode 4 Walkthrough Part 2 (Text Only)

After being attacked by Amado in episode 4 part 1, your hideout goes down in flames and you were dragged out by this dude in a goatee. You have the weird dream where Lily/Sarah puts you to rest (same as the introduction), and you wake up in a weird laboratory after the dude healed you. You learn that his name is Arash and is part of the 41148 group. He offers you soup.

1. Go all the way to the right, take the dish and spoon. Use the dish and spoon with the soup pot. Pick up the dish of soup and use it on the chair. You sit and wallow in misery. You wonder why Arash knew of your conversation but you decide to trust him anyway.

2. Go back and talk to Arash. He told you about the evilness of Sun church and your mission to stop its message from being distributed. You learn that the head of Sun church is not Fornos but the head of Circle company, which is a media company that spreads the can drinks. Arash tells you to fix his fuses before you go and destroy Circle company.

3. Take both empty red and green capsules at the left of Arash. Go to the next section and put the red and green capsules into the tanks appropriately (red, blank, green).

4. Go to the section with the fuse box and touch the circles to remove one of the fuses.

5. Go to the last section on the left and take out the battery from the soup stove.

6. Go back to the section with the shelf and use the battery with the torchlight.

7. Go to the section where Arash is. Press the red button behind him to take the fuse. All lights will go off. Click on the torchlight at the bottom left of the screen to illuminate the room.

8. Go to the fuse box and put the fuse into the box. Go back to the tanks and press the green lever to fill both capsules. Take the capsules and put them back in their original place in the next section where Arash is.

9. Go back and remove the fuse from the fuse box, put it back where it belongs, and the lights will go on. Talk to Arash. You learn that Circle company makes bombs and gives them to extremists, who in turn gives Circle company the corpses, whose blood will be made into drinks for mass consumption. You will need to impersonate as Amado to gain Fornos' trust to figure where Circle company is.

10. Hold your right thumb on the white button and tilt the phone left and right to scan your face to become Amado's. Align the white line with the green portion to allow scanning to happen.

11. Talk to Arash. Take the handgun, cellphone and tracker from the cupboard before going out. You will then head to the church...

12. Keep moving right. As you keep moving, the lights will go off. Click on the torchlight and you will be shocked by an upside down woman's head (I was shocked!). Turn on the torchlight and move on. You will then get shocked again by a man's head. Turn off the torchlight and turn it on again. Keep moving.

13. After quite a long walk, you will see Khhh. You get to choose to go down and face a very hard level or continue walking to see the main end.

Choose your ending:
Go to the underground
Continue your mission

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