41148 Post-Game Review: Food for Thought (Text Only)

I'm sure everyone has ended the game with many question marks in your head. Click on the swiggly words and you will go into a room with three panels and a green door.

Please note that I'm not related to the maker of the game, so everything here is purely guesses. Feel free to comment below your thoughts as well, hopefully we can come up with a great alternative story!!

This is from the last scene in the main ending. If you look closer at the card, it says "Black Fighter" and the words are either SISI, 5151, or ISIS. Not speculating much.

One of the panels in the room. Apparently, if you move the letters of Fonos Nomed, you get "Son of Demon". I have no idea what is Fotuls Nomed but it makes "Lust/Slut of Demon". I'm not sure if the hint is saying that Alister is the father or Fonos, or if Alister is the son of Fotuls. 

Also not sure of the countries England, Africa, Spain and America.. Why are England and Spain circled? Given that Alister is 72 years old, and sun church used to be black church, and Alister is thought to be a black man.. Could it be that he was the creator of black church, giving rise to sun church and Fonos in the future..?

Next panel. Who is Samuel Cain?! Good question. Did we even see Samuel Cain in the game?! So we know he is a one-eyed spy, and we know that Sina was shot in the eye by Amado.. Could it be that Sina is Samuel Cain?

Last panel - had to crop it because it was too small in the screenshot. VERY STRAIGHTFORWARD that Sarah = Arash. It's even showed at the ending scene where Arash removed his mask to reveal Sarah, just like how Sina revealed himself from his Amado mask. So the question is.. who was killed instead of Sarah in episode 3?? Did the real Arash take her place? Is Arash even a character, and not a fictional one created to trick Sina?

I completely have no idea what's up with this Africa thing. Also not sure what is anti mithras. But I think it was established in the story that she is indeed the creator (NGO boss) of 41148.

Guess we have to play again to find out everything.

Last piece of the wall is obviously linked to this part in episode 3. At first I thought it was vulgarities hahaha. If we match this, the code should correspond to F*CK YOU SATAN! Ok I think this is just an Easter Egg... 

Also special thanks to The Joker for sharing that the ceiling of the secret room (or SINAROOM as said on the menu) is written:
Really creepy..

Feel free to correct me, add your inputs/comments, and share! 

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