41148 Episode 4 Walkthrough Part 1 (Text Only)

So after the insanity of the church madness in episode 3 part 2, you somehow end up in room 133 again. You get up from the sofa after having too much drinks, and have a tummyache.

1. Go to the kitchen and you will fall onto the ground. You suddenly remember blowing up the 41148 building and somehow believe in Father. You also see that the logo of the building opposite has changed to be the oft drink can, with words "what's next?"

2. Go back and turn on the TV. You realise that the 41148 building explosion was kept a secret.

3. Go upstairs and hold your finger on the glass with the drink can to reveal a number pad.

4. Type in 41148 and the green > button. A stairs to the basement will appear. Go down to be in a secret lab.

5. Click on the switch beside the fridge.

6. Click on the handle of the chair to get a handgun.

7. Get the car key hanging at the right of the room.

8. Click the switch and you will reveal a secret map and a code 5124. Take the map.

9. Type the code 5124 in the safe. Take the black cube from the safe.

10. Go up and keep moving left. You will then be driving off in a car.

11. Once you get out of the car, move to the right and into the cave.

12. Continue moving right and put the black cube in a square hole. A secret room will open. Go in (by moving right).

13. You will finally meet the girl of your dreams, AKA owner of room 133. The girl tells you that she needs ginger tea and somehow you have to make it for her.

14. Take the mug in front of her.

15. Take the water bottle from the room on the left. Take the kettle below the water bottle.

16. Take the battery and ginger from the next shelf.

17. Use the battery on the stove. Put the kettle on the stove. Put water in the kettle, then add ginger. Finally, use the mug on the kettle to get the ginger tea. Take the mug of tea and give it to the lady.

18. She will tell you that she is Lily Shaniak, or Sarah Mittin (oOoOoOOooOo). You are an agent of 41148 and you just bombed your own building, but thankfully there were no casualties. Before you know your own name, Lily/Sarah was shot and you were attacked by Amado..

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