41148 Episode 4 Walkthrough End 01 (Text Only)

From episode 4 part 2, you were given a choice between going underground or continuing your mission.

If you chose to go underground, you will go to the place with Father's key. Keep moving right. You will somehow kill a demon. Keep walking to the right and you will play a mini game where you can click the left side of the screen to move and the right to shoot the demons. After about 6 demons, you reach a checkpoint. Move SUPER slowly during this portion as there are many monsters (both demons and flying Khhhs). Please be extremely careful because there are no other checkpoints till the end (more than 10 monsters to kill). After the excruciating journey, you will get stabbed by another dragon who turns out to be Asmodus' brother.

You will then get End [01] which leads you back to the main end. Click return to church to continue your mission. Note: you will need to see the ghost heads and walk the long walk again. DO NOT go down again!!!

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