Be a Man, Do the Right Thing: Levels 21 - 30 Walkthrough (Text Only)

Final 10 levels for Be a Man, Do the Right Thing!

Level 21: Rock On!
Pass the left earphone from the guy to the left ear of the girl
(Not sure how is this gentlemanly but definitely not selfish, which is nice)

Level 22: Movie Date
Hug the girl when the clown comes out
(Thankfully the clown is not too scary looking)

Level 23: Check, Please!
Put the card in the middle of the book (where the crease is)
Blow the hair away
(Yes it is good to be neat)

Level 24: Yoga Master
Follow the coach’s hand, body and leg posture 
Move the hand by touching on the hands, body by touching the waist (left and right side), and leg by touching the leg
(I think that Yoga is good for training flexibility but not sure how it helps one become more gentlemanly)

Level 25: Floor is Lava
Place the woman, then man, then child on the chair
(I guess that’s what the lava game was for.. Lol)

Level 26: Perfect Gift
Click on the man’s phone (at his butt)
Hold at the circle below 0 (AKA fingerprint recognition)
Click on the Instagram tab
Scroll down (you will see that the lady likes a pair of blue heels)
Click on the salesperson and she will get the blue heels
(I love this round! Very true that people tend to post what they like, perfect idea of getting the perfect gift)

Level 27: Safe Keepings
Note: Turn the volume on 
Turn the knob of the safe and move it in the opposite direction when you hear a click 
First, turn the knob clockwise thrice. Move again to hear the first click. Remember the number.
Next, turn the knob anticlockwise once past the first number. Keep moving to hear the second click. Remember the number also.
Last, turn he knob clockwise again to hear the last number. 
If you were not accurate, simply turn the knob clockwise thrice and input the first number, then follow instructions to the third number.
Pull the safe handle down to open it
(Is being a thief a good skill too??)

Level 28: The Escalator
Open the blue box to reveal the red emergency stop button
Click on the red button when the girl is on the last step to the ground (the last step has to be 1/3 the original size)
(Hope this makes sense!)

Level 29: Text Bomb
Note: Turn on the volume 
The goal is to reply 3 of the guy’s girlfriend’s messages
Pick the phone up when the girlfriend sends a text (notice given)
Tap the phone to text the girlfriend
Drag it back to the table before the manager peeks out of his blinds (usually takes around 3 seconds)
You know you sent a message when there is a sent sound (similar to iPhone default sound)
Good tip is to get the phone right after the manager goes back into the room
If you take too long, the girlfriend will get angry and you will also lose, so don’t wait too long
(Good skill for working adults.. haha!)

Level 30: Ride Hailing
Take 3 bags from the girl
Drag the bag on the lower right hand of the guy back to the girl
Tap on the phone
Unlock the phone by holding the finger at the circle below 0 (AKA fingerprint recognition) (similar to level 26)
Swipe the screen to the right
Click on Ober (lol)
Click on the $20 option 
(Yes getting “Ober” is sometimes useful)

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