Be a Man, Do the Right Thing: Levels 11 - 20 Walkthrough (Text Only)

Now for levels 11 - 20 for Be a Man, Do the Right Thing
These levels are seriously too funny! 

Level 11: Perfect Urinal 
Scroll to the right of the washroom
Use the last urinal
(Not sure how this works but ok)

Level 12: The Nightmare
Use the stick and hit the man thrice until he wakes up
(HAHAHAHA AWESOME!!! Yes there is no solution to this hahahahahaha)

Level 13: Gentleman III
Drag the man to the right of the woman
Press on the man before the rain starts to open the umbrella
(I’d be infatuated if a guy if he sheltered me from the rain. I hate rain!!)

Level 14: Toilet Paper Not Included
Wait for another man to go into the toilet and sit
Press the toilet roll holder, then knock on the cubicle (empty space above the cubicle) thrice
(LOL life skills)

Level 15: The Perfect Selfie
Take the photo right when the fly leaves the camera lens.
The sequence is as such: Old lady walk past, clown walk past, pizza boy whizzes past on a skateboard, dog walk past, old lady walks back, wind blows girl’s hair, clown walks past again, fly lands on lens, old lady AGAIN, dog comes again, clown comes again, bird flies past and its faeces drops on the girl 
(The skill should be more about not taking a shaky pic hahaha)

Level 16: Rose and Jack
Move the lady (Rose) to the right
Move the man (Jack) on the wooden platform
Both should be on the platform before the ship sank
(That’s about right!!! Titanic should have ended this way!)

Level 17: The Run In II
This level is all about timing
Click on the corner behind the dustbin
Remove the bin lid and get ready to place the bone on the ground
When the lady in purple is beside the man and lady, put the bone at the junction
The dog will come to get the bone and the lady will be scared and run away 
(This is definitely not a good skill…)

Level 18: Cab kissing
Note: Turn the volume up
Be careful of the driver’s eyes - do not attempt to kiss the girl when his eyes are looking at the top right (he is looking at you)
Only kiss the girl when the vehicle is changing lane
You need to hear 2 kissing sounds each time the vehicle change lanes - you need 4 kisses (2 turns) to complete the level 
Keep trying and you will get it!
(This taxi driver is seriously….)

Level 19: Perfect Stall
Go to the last cubicle. The graduate from level 14 will come out and the person would be able to use the washroom.
(LOL is luck a skill too? I hope this is not what the male washroom is like)

Level 20: Bomb Squad II
Take out all the stationery from the pen holder and you will get a key
Insert the key in the cupboard
Take the torn page out
Hold on to the speaker (red button) and say “cut” to the microphone at the same time

(Nice! I actually like the Bomb Squad levels)

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