Be a Man, Do the Right Thing: Level 1 - 10 Walkthrough (Text Only)

Answers for level 1 to 10 as follows:

Level 1: Gentleman
Pull out the chair on the right
Drag the lady to the chair
Pull out the chair on the left
Pull the man to the chair
(Yes every guy should know to help a lady to her chair before sitting, but I guess waiters today help men to do the job so it’s fine too!)

Level 2: The Walk
Pull the man to walk beside the girl when he overtakes her
(Lol yes, people in more patriarchal countries have a culture of women walking behind men)

Level 3: The Ride Home
Take 2 bags from the woman. 
Any more than 2 will make you drop and destroy everything 
(I think this is not a gender biased act. Anyone should help anyone in need)

Level 4: Bad Hair Day
Swipe the mirror
Take out the hair gel
Put the hair gel on his strands of hair
Take the comb on the table and comb his hair
(LOL try all other options like cutting his hair or pulling his towel down. Too funny!)

Level 5: The Engagement
Put the ring on the ring finger (4th finger from the left)
(Where else do you want to put it?! Apparently the vein of a person’s left ring finger leads to the heart, which is why rings are put there)

Level 6: The Run In
Keep pressing at the part of the road where the guy and the lady came from
You will see a red button. Press it
(Funny that the guy had to run away from another lady. Is he two-timing both ladies?!)

Level 7: Gentleman II
Pull the handle on the left door (drag it to the left) before the lady goes to the door
(What everyone should do regardless of gender)

Level 8: Bomb Squad
Note: you need to allow the game to access your microphone
Flip the bomb manual until the wires in the book match that of the screen
Hold on to the speaker (red button) and say “cut” to the microphone at the same time
(How is this being gentlemanly?!)

Level 9: Dining Out
Choose the seaweed
(This is ridiculous. I’d rather eat fish but maybe the mermaid is vegetarian)

Level 10: Good Samaritan 
Pick up the wallet and give it back to the man who dropped it

(The only right thing to do)


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