41148 Episode 3 Walkthrough Part 1 (Text Only)

Note: This episode is in parts because it is ridiculously long.
Part 1 is about Sina getting the first half of the mysterious card and getting caught by the Sun Church.
Part 2 is about Sina getting the second half of the mysterious card and plotting his revenge against the extremist group (being on the side of Sun Church)

After fighting with the demon, both you and the demon fall into some place and you cut his head, putting it on the drawer of room 133, the place where you were supposed to go in Episode 2.

1. Pick up the painting. Put the painting on the wall, in between the red and green painting. This is just trivia, but you can click on them one by one to know the story (not very important).

2. Walk down the stairs and you will almost kill yourself. You see a card that you have to pick up.

3. Go up the stairs again. Take the lilies and then the card. Use the transparent card on the door. A glass door will still block the room -_-

4. Hold your hand onto the glass door. It's a mystery why your hand could work the sensor (no chopping of hands this time). Enter the room.

5. Click the bulb at the left of the room and you will realise that the bulb has blown. Go out and touch the fallen lamp. Now unplug the lamp and get the bulb. Note that this sequence is very important to get the bulb.

6. Go back into the room, click on the blown bulb. Use the lamp on the switch. Click the switch to turn on the light.

7. Pull the hanging ring to make the stairs fall. Go up. Take the broken fishing rod and go down.

8. Use the knife on the water bottle. Use the broken fishing rod on the green pipe. Use the cut bottle on the combination. Take it and go out to fish for the card in the water. You will get the first half of the mysterious card. Who is Mittin?

9. Go back upstairs and you will see this dude with a goatee (you will learn his name is Amado). You also learn that his boss is called Fornos and they are hunting for you. Amado shoots you and brings you back to the church in Episode 1 -_- Fornos is now telling you that God has 5 Golden Pieces - Noah, Abraham, Moses, Muhammad, and the best which is the Father. Not sure what's going on but Fornos will ask you to kill someone to prove your innocence.

10. Fornos gets this guy called Red Boots in front of you and asks you to pick up an Obelisk. You have to kill either Red Boots, Fornos, or none. Take the obelisk and there will be three circles, one red on Red Boots, one red on Fornos and one cyan on the floor. Choose the cyan circle - put the obelisk back on the floor.

11. Fornos is impressed and asks you to follow him, with Amado behind you with a gun. They tell you that you work for Sun church and you have no choice but to believe them (unless you want your brains to be blown apart). Walk all the way to the right and Fornos will talk you to and the statue will move, revealing a stairs to the basement of the church. He will tell you to go down to help you regain your memory. Go down and keep moving right.

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