41148 Episode 3 Walkthrough Part 2 (Text Only)

In part 1, you have been forced by Fornos, leader of the Sun Church, to go to the basement to regain your memories. You head down and continuously move to the right (cos you don't really have a choice).

1. You will reach a part where you cannot continue. Walk back to the left and back to the barricade. Your eyes will then flash red, unleashing this red logo. Click on the logo and keep walking right.

2. You will see a dragon called Asmodus, who apparently is the guardian of the church. Keep moving to the right. You will see a flying monster (which I think is very cute), who is called Khhh. He will ask you to get his eyes from Asmodus. Go to the right of Khhh and take the wooden stick, rope (top), and metal blade (that looks like a helmet). It will then auto-combine to form a weapon.

3. Go back to Asmodus. Thankfully you don't have to do anything. Just wait and Asmodus will be dead. Take the eye and give it to Khhh. Khhh tells you that you are a computer engineer and he owns a famous statue building company. Keep moving right.

4. You will see some main residents. Walk (tap once) and pass the residents.

5. You now see Galsya Labola, a bigger creature. Talk to it. Keep going right and you will see your secret room (in green). Just keep going right (it's not really part of the story).

6. Go in the room in pink and you see an artist painting. Get out of the room and keep moving right. You will see a red pit and you will need a an object that the Father touched to go down (aka the artist's brush). Go back to the room and Khhh will get it. Jump down the pit.

7. You will fall and somehow hurt your back, being unable to move. You need 14 seeds. Play as Khhh  (click on his avatar and move the phone to move it) and find the 14 seeds:
1. Beside huge bush (bottom)
2. Beside huge bush (top) near fallen red man
3. Push rock away from dripping water and flower will bloom
4. Lower bush after pushing the pillar down (x2)
5. Push monkey-like statue down
6. Upper leaf near monkey-like statue
7. Push dog-like statue down (x2)
8. Upper vines near dog-like statue
9. Behind pillar
10. At red pit (x3)
Khhh will inform you when you have all 14. Fly back to Sina and give him the seeds.

8. Walk left and talk to the fallen red man. Continue walking until you see the blue triangle. Go in and explore before coming out. Keep moving left past the red hole and you will see Galu, a giant monster. Go back to the blue triangle and get the Dantalion's sword from the monster on the left.

9. Go back to Galu and kill him. Click on the red circles on time to prevent getting killed. After 6 circles, Galu will be dead. Keep moving right and up the stairs. You see that you need a special key to continue. Go back to Galu and take the Dantalion's sword. Use the Danatalion's sword on Galu's chains and take it. Use Galu's chains to go down the red hole.

10. Go all the way to the right and take Father's key. Go back up. You will then fit the Father's key into the hole and rise up to be on top of the altar.

11. Fornos gave you the other half of the mystery card. You fix it and get Ms S. Mittin. Is she the mysterious girl? Fornos tells you that there is a group of people who are killing others and they have to stop this group of people. You agree and start to plot your revenge...

12. Go to the first room with the green hand scanner.

13. Talk to Amado and get a bomb. Walk away and he will show you his array of guns. Amado will give you a cellphone to turn on the timer and blow up the building.

Seriously each episode leaves me confused and bewildered.. Check out the last episode!

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