41148 Episode 1 Walkthrough (Text Only)

You wake up from a dream where you see a person with long hair visit a grave and then somehow falling to the ground. You have no idea where you are but let's play.

1. Pick the key from the ground (you see a shiny yellow thing beside you). Keeping moving right.

2. You see a man leaning on a column with his tongue cut out. He is still alive but unable to speak. Keep walking.

3. You will see a statue with only legs. See the head of the statue. It is important later.

4. Go back left. You can double click to run. After you reach a certain point, you will see the hanging item fall and crush the guy lying on the ground (that shocked me!). Take the magnetic card from the guy.

5. You see another guy lying on a platform. Take the weird spear from his chest.

6. You will then see some rooms. Use the magnetic card with the card scanner at the door with the flashing lights. Go in.

7. Take the electrical cables which are flashing at you (you can't miss it). Go out.

8. Go back to the statue with legs. Use the cables with the head of statue, then use the weird spear with the combination. You will get a handmade mace.

9. Now go back all the way left an use the handmade mace with the door with a star. Go in.

10. You will see rooms with hand scanners and weird Egyptian pics. Go to the last door which is open.

11. Click on the switch at the right of the room to turn on the light. Take the knife on the ground.

12. Go back to the room with the bodies and use the knife on the hand of the person hanging upside down.

13. Pick up the hand. You realise the guy is a doctor.

14. Use the hand on the door with the green hand scanner. Go in.

15. Take the first aid kit and go out. Go back to the guy leaning on the column to save him.

16. You see he is dead, but he has "666" engraved on his hand. You realise it's the password for the last red door. Go back to the door.

17. Halfway you will see this ridiculous demon coming out of nowhere. RUN TO THE DOOR (I was super afraid it would eat me up hahaha. If it caught up with you, it will kill you and you have to restart from the checkpoint again).

18. Go to the red door and you have completed episode 1!!! :)

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