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Virtual Villagers Origins 2: Puzzle 4 + Puzzle 5 (Text Only)

Puzzle 4 - Kraken You need to complete puzzle 1, have level 1 construction and level 1 crafting (which means you must have upgraded construction and crafting once)
If you have not seen the blue-faced villager (probably if you have not followed the tutorial at the start), you have to do these: Drag an adult villager to the water buckets near the research table to collect waterDrag an adult villager to the cave to collect coalClick on the crafting hut and craft water and coal together (45 min)Drag an adult villager to the crafting hut and take the oil. The villager will bring the oil to the Kraken statue. So now, to complete the tutorial, drag an adult villager to the crafting hut for him/her to take fire to light the oil lamps.

Now you will need to find the eyes of the Kraken statue. They look like pebbles lol. One is at the bottom right of the island just below the reeds.

The other is below the mixing table beside the foot of the lava (and also above the field). To get this one, you nee…

Virtual Villagers Origins 2: Puzzle 3 + Tutorial for Puzzle 4 (Text Only)

Puzzle 1 can be found here.

Puzzle 3 - Crafting Hut
Drag your adult villager to the whale bones. He/she will take a whale bone to the construction table. By common sense, drag an adult villager to the construction table. He/she will make a pickaxe out of the whale bones. The pickaxe will be near the anvil.Drag an adult villager to the pickaxe and he/she will chop the wood that is behind the crafting hut.Drag an adult villager who is a scientist (it will be written if he/she is a trainee, adept or master scientist) to the science board beside the research table. He/she will draw up plans.Drag adult villagers to the crafting hut to complete repairs.The crafting hut can now be used! Use it to generate new resources to solve the next puzzles. View the crafting and resources guide here. Note: You could complete repairs for the crafting hut before chopping the wood, but you would not be able to craft until the puzzle is complete. 

Random tutorial after puzzle 3 is complete (that will lead to p…

Hidden Secrets Free: Answers Level 1 - 7 (Text Only)

Hidden Secrets free is a game similar to Godtower where you have to key in the answers to the puzzles to solve it and move on to the next level. There are 6 levels in this free version and much more in the paid version, but I don't think I'll be buying the paid version because I'm a miser. Anyway do support the creator because it really is a great game!!

[Edit: I bought the app!!! Puzzles 8 - 14 here!]
Download it on Google Play here
Level 1 Answer: Makes sense Follow the equation and convert the numbers into alphabets. i.e. 1 = A because A is the first letter of the alphabet series
Level 2 Answer: These things Write the alphabets in capital letters before those in lower case
Level 3 Answer: Are everywhere Google braille and decipher the answer
Level 4 Answer: Or not The clue is there. Check out your phone's touchpad (or google phone number pad) and find the alphabets that corresponds to the numbers. i.e. 1 = A, 11 = B, 111 = C, 2 = D, etc. 
Level 5 Answer: astro…

Virtual Villagers Origins 2: Christmas Holiday Event 2017 (Text Only)

For 2017, you have 17 days to make holiday lights.
To make the lights, you need to get glass and firefly.
LDW has very kindly given the formula for glass = fire + sand.

To get the necessary items (from my resources and crafting guide)
Fire = Either pick up pieces of burnt wood near the fire when it appears, or drag an adult to the dry wood pile on the left of the research area then pick up the pieces of burnt woodSand = Drag an adult south of the crafting house (also where earth and cactus are)Firefly = Drag an adult or child on the flying bugs with light
Rewards For 20 holiday lights, you get lavastones. 40 holiday lights and you get a holiday totem (very cute snowman!), and 80 holiday lights rewards you with a box. I'll update what the items do when I reach those milestones, I'm only at 10 lights!!! :/

Update (29 Dec): You get 50 lavastones for 20 holiday lights. I need to be faster!!
Update (31 Dec): You get the snowman totem for 40 holiday lights! The totem gives you bonus p…

Virtual Villagers Origins 2: FAQ (Text Only)

1. What is the lemur for?
The lemur helps in going into the cracks to get items for you. You could get worms, magic, metal, and other random objects/technologies/food/lavastones in the cracks.

You could pay for the lemur's home for $13.98 to make his stay permanent. This could be very helpful if you are sick of gathering vines and crafting rope. Sometimes there are 50% discounts so you may also wish to wait for that.

2. Why is my island shaking?
This means that a crack is going to appear. Get your rope (craft vine + vine) ready for some goodness!

3. What is the yellow cloak for?
The yellow cloak (hanging by the tree above the love shack) can be worn by an adult villager who is master of all skills. The master villager is important in the later part of the game (solving puzzle 10 and 11) because he/she will be needed to craft plans to make the green and blue statues.

4. What is the heron doing?
The heron flies around and eats the poisonous frogs that make the villagers sick. You can a…

Virtual Villagers Origins 2: Tutorial + Puzzle 1 (Text Only)

You start the game by choosing 5 villagers, a good tip would be to:
Choose at least 1 male adult and 1 female adult (for mating purposes)Choose at least 1 child (to get child-only privileges like getting mushrooms or removing frogs)Try to get villagers who like running (saves time doing work)Villagers who like work are good too (so they don't stray easily)Conversely, try not to get villagers who dislike running or workI would make 1 child and make the other 4 adults  The story starts
In the wake of a volcanic terror on their home island, a group of survivors have set sail, seeking a new home. They discover Isola, a magical island paradise! Once home to a thriving society, now ruins and jungle! As their boat lands on the beach, a MYSTERIOUS MAN appears before them... 
Would you like HELP? Click yes to start the tutorial, no if you know what's going on. The tutorial guide you on how to complete the first puzzle, which you can also do on your own if you like. 
Tutorial: Tap on a vill…

Virtual Villagers Origins 2: Updated Resources and Crafting Guide (Text Only)

Here is a list of things you can find or craft. Note that only adults can extract these resources. Children can help to gather fruits from the garden but that's about all.

Page 1:
Water = Drag an adult on the buckets on the right of the research area
Fire = Either pick up pieces of burnt wood near the fire when it appears, or drag an adult to the dry wood pile on the left of the research area then pick up the pieces of burnt wood
Earth = Drag an adult south of the crafting house (also where sand and cactus are)
Lava = Drag an adult to the tiny rock at the intersection of the lava (in between the love shack and crafting house)
Air = Drag an adult to the mini typhoon where the fire pit is (only when the typhoon appears)
Coal = Drag an adult into the cave
Sand = Drag an adult south of the crafting house (also where earth and cactus are)
Grass = South of the fire pit
Magic = Use a rope to the cracks when it appears and an adult will go down and extract it
Red Earth = South of the memo…

Virtual Villagers Origins 2: General Walkthrough (Text Only)

This is the newest addition to the Last Day of Work Virtual Villagers collection.
Just like all Virtual Villagers games, you play as "God" to solve puzzles and simulate life as a tribal community. I really love the vibes of the game and of course solving the puzzles!

What you can do in this game:
Move people around - Get them to do tasks Expand your community - Drag people of opposite gender above each other and hope they create offspring. It can be annoying to wait 3 hours for the child to be born, but it's definitely necessary to have more manpower and to avoid having no population.Build things Forage for items and resources - for children AND for adults (this is something new from other games!)Craft items - mixing, cooking, crafting, etc. I enjoy this very much, and I would like to think that crafting is a major part of the game.Research - the game will not develop unless you get tech points and constantly upgrade technologies, which sometimes can take forever to doExp…

41148 Post-Game Review: Food for Thought (Text Only)

I'm sure everyone has ended the game with many question marks in your head. Click on the swiggly words and you will go into a room with three panels and a green door.

Please note that I'm not related to the maker of the game, so everything here is purely guesses. Feel free to comment below your thoughts as well, hopefully we can come up with a great alternative story!!

This is from the last scene in the main ending. If you look closer at the card, it says "Black Fighter" and the words are either SISI, 5151, or ISIS. Not speculating much.

One of the panels in the room. Apparently, if you move the letters of Fonos Nomed, you get "Son of Demon". I have no idea what is Fotuls Nomed but it makes "Lust/Slut of Demon". I'm not sure if the hint is saying that Alister is the father or Fonos, or if Alister is the son of Fotuls. 
Also not sure of the countries England, Africa, Spain and America.. Why are England and Spain circled? Given that Alister is …

41148 Episode 4 Walkthrough Main End (Text Only)

From episode 4 part 2, you were given a choice between going underground or continuing your mission.

If you choose to continue walking, keep going right till you reach the statue with the legs. A demon will pop out of nowhere (I swear I keep getting shocked by this game). Fornos then appears and you reveal your identity while asking him for information about the filming for the drinks. You hold Fornos at gunpoint and he shares that the head of Circle company is called Alister Cimiries. Before Fornos could give you the location of Circle company, Amado appears and shoots you.

1. Follow the direction of the red lines to avoid being attacked. Click on the red circles to attack. You then manage to track Amado and find the location of Circle company.

2. Put your phone in the basket. Go all the way to the left and see the vase. Now go back and take the metalreplica. Take the metal replica when the laser is shining at the left. Use the metal replica on the vase and the security guard will tr…

41148 Episode 4 Walkthrough End 01 (Text Only)

From episode 4 part 2, you were given a choice between going underground or continuing your mission.

If you chose to go underground, you will go to the place with Father's key. Keep moving right. You will somehow kill a demon. Keep walking to the right and you will play a mini game where you can click the left side of the screen to move and the right to shoot the demons. After about 6 demons, you reach a checkpoint. Move SUPER slowly during this portion as there are many monsters (both demons and flying Khhhs). Please be extremely careful because there are no other checkpoints till the end (more than 10 monsters to kill). After the excruciating journey, you will get stabbed by another dragon who turns out to be Asmodus' brother.

You will then get End [01] which leads you back to the main end. Click return to church to continue your mission. Note: you will need to see the ghost heads and walk the long walk again. DO NOT go down again!!!

Main End: Return to church Episode 4 Part 1

41148 Episode 4 Walkthrough Part 2 (Text Only)

After being attacked by Amado in episode 4 part 1, your hideout goes down in flames and you were dragged out by this dude in a goatee. You have the weird dream where Lily/Sarah puts you to rest (same as the introduction), and you wake up in a weird laboratory after the dude healed you. You learn that his name is Arash and is part of the 41148 group. He offers you soup.

1. Go all the way to the right, take the dish and spoon. Use the dish and spoon with the soup pot. Pick up the dish of soup and use it on the chair. You sit and wallow in misery. You wonder why Arash knew of your conversation but you decide to trust him anyway.

2. Go back and talk to Arash. He told you about the evilness of Sun church and your mission to stop its message from being distributed. You learn that the head of Sun church is not Fornos but the head of Circle company, which is a media company that spreads the can drinks. Arash tells you to fix his fuses before you go and destroy Circle company.

3. Take both emp…

41148 Episode 4 Walkthrough Part 1 (Text Only)

So after the insanity of the church madness in episode 3 part 2, you somehow end up in room 133 again. You get up from the sofa after having too much drinks, and have a tummyache.

1. Go to the kitchen and you will fall onto the ground. You suddenly remember blowing up the 41148 building and somehow believe in Father. You also see that the logo of the building opposite has changed to be the oft drink can, with words "what's next?"

2. Go back and turn on the TV. You realise that the 41148 building explosion was kept a secret.

3. Go upstairs and hold your finger on the glass with the drink can to reveal a number pad.

4. Type in 41148 and the green > button. A stairs to the basement will appear. Go down to be in a secret lab.

5. Click on the switch beside the fridge.

6. Click on the handle of the chair to get a handgun.

7. Get the carkey hanging at the right of the room.

8. Click the switch and you will reveal a secret map and a code 5124. Take the map.

9. Type the code 5…

41148 Episode 3 Walkthrough Part 2 (Text Only)

In part 1, you have been forced by Fornos, leader of the Sun Church, to go to the basement to regain your memories. You head down and continuously move to the right (cos you don't really have a choice).

1. You will reach a part where you cannot continue. Walk back to the left and back to the barricade. Your eyes will then flash red, unleashing this red logo. Click on the logo and keep walking right.

2. You will see a dragon called Asmodus, who apparently is the guardian of the church. Keep moving to the right. You will see a flying monster (which I think is very cute), who is called Khhh. He will ask you to get his eyes from Asmodus. Go to the right of Khhh and take the wooden stick, rope (top), and metal blade (that looks like a helmet). It will then auto-combine to form a weapon.

3. Go back to Asmodus. Thankfully you don't have to do anything. Just wait and Asmodus will be dead. Take the eye and give it to Khhh. Khhh tells you that you are a computer engineer and he owns a f…
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