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Funghi's Den Walkthrough: FAQs (Text only)

FAQs from the original website can be found here:
I'll be posting more questions and answers here (keep the questions coming!)

Q: Will withered funghi leave the den?
A: No. Withered funghi can even go on adventures and get stuff back for you. The only thing they cannot do is to help out at facilities.

Q: Where is the traveller's hut?
A: It is the spot where funghi wait to enter the den (at ground level)

Q: Do I need to buy all hats for my funghi?
A: No, but it will be good if you want to fulfil the achievements. Also good if you want to layer effects of the hats with the same kind of funghi i.e. if you give 2 funghi different hats, both funghi will get the effects of both hats! Also, if you have 3 different hats for a type of funghi, the funghi has effects of all 3 hats regardless of which you wear!

Funghi's Den Walkthrough: General Guide (Text only)

Here are some simple things to note of your Funghi's Den when playing.  

This is what you will see in the game. The top left corner is your rank (I was 17), top right corner are you coins and fun orbs. Coins are used to build and upgrade stuff, and fun orbs are used to rush gathering of materials, create special hats and accessories, build special facilities, refresh the mushrooms in the traveler's hut (costs 50 fun orbs), and get special decor (which are really cute). 
From the bottom taskbar (from left): Goal - Click on it to see the goals (and complete them) to rank upPresent - Click to receive daily gifts and also achievements (retrieved from statue at top right of page - ground level of screen)Menu - Click to open various options (below)Storage - See what you have collected/bought/keptDev - Shows the things you can buy or build 

Menu (from left):

News - From BeeswaxGamesFacility List - See the buildings you have in your den. Very useful to see their grades (the number is r…

Funghi's Den Walkthrough (Text only)

Hi all! I'm playing this new game called Funghi's Den, which is a simulation game by BeeworksGames (I love their touch detective and other mushroom games!!). It's really quite similar to Fallout Shelter (which I really love as well).

I'm only at level 17 but I shall constantly update this blog so that we can all learn and grow with the game together! Please comment below to share tips + ask questions (I will try to answer what I can)!!

So what this game is about is simply

Recruiting mushroomsGetting places for them to live in (enhance health) and rest (increase mood)Fulfilling goals - collecting, building, creating Collecting: Gathering of crops and materialsBuilding: Earning money and having materials to build infrastructure Creating: Making hats and accessories with money and materials  It is really quite simple and very cute and fun!

Links to download:
Play Store:
App Store: https:/…

Act blur colleague

Act blur
"Pretend to be ignorant, feign ignorance."

Examples of acting blur:
Pretending to not hear the instruction and hence not completing taskPretending that he/she does not know that certain tasks has to be done Pretending that he/she thought someone else would complete taskPretending that he/she don't know how to do anything because he/she is new in the office 
Seriously all these people should consider an acting career cos they can play pretend better than our local actors.

It is not a surprise if you have colleagues who act blur and play the blame game pretty well when things go wrong. It can be really annoying but there are definitely ways to counter this.

1. Check yourself out
Before you point at others, better make sure that you have no soft spots to be picked upon. If you also have this act blur tendency, then read and reflect.

2. Expectations
Check if your expectations are realistic. Is it normal to expect your colleague to know what you are thinking without com…
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