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Désiré 2020 Full Walkthrough (Text only)

Désiré 2020
For those who want a quick fix

1. Take the bamboo somewhere in the middle background of the screen.

2. Go into the hut.

3. Talk to Angolo (the shopkeeper).
Do you have aspirin? Angolo will give you aspirinWhat about the elephant tusks up there?Angolo will tell you that he wants jewelry in exchange of the ivoryHow much for the metal detector?Take the metal detector unchargedDo you have any batteries for the detector?Angolo will give you batteries. Use it with the metal detector uncharged to charge it.  4. Go out.
5. Use metal detector charged with ground (left side of screen).

6. Go back, ask Angolo for batteries

7. Use batteries with metal detector, and go out.

8. Use metal detector charged with ground (right side of screen). You will get a necklace.
9. Give the necklace to Angolo. He gives you a hook
10. Use the hook on bamboo to get hook attached to bamboo stick 
11. Ask Angolo "Do you still have mosquito spray?"

12. Use hook attached to bamboo stick with tusk…

Désiré 2011 Full Walkthrough (Text only)

Désiré 2011
For those who want a quick fix

1. Talk to the pubic louse AKA a lice.
2. Move to the left of the page and you will see a white glass.
3. The lice will laugh when you can't get it.
4. Now talk to it again.
5. You will now play tic-tac-toe with the pubic louse. Should be quite easy. The louse will always put it on 2, 4, 6 or 8. Assuming he puts it on 8, you should put on 7, 2, 1, 4. And you win! (Just rotate the tic-tac-toe accordingly to what he puts first)
1 | 2 | 3 4 | 5 | 6  7 | 8 | 9 
5. Pick the candle up and use it on clitoris thrice.

6. Take the empty glass
7. Use empty glass with puddle.

8. Then use candle with clitoris again.

9. Pick the glass up.

10. Use the full glass on scissors. 
11. Now, pick the scissors up and use it on the pubic louse

12. Talk to the weird looking guy (Theodore).

13. Talk to Camille at the bar.
14. Talk to Theodore again

15. He will tell you to go back to the bar, and you will magically see an empty glass on the table. Pick it up.

16. Giv…

Désiré 2003 Full Walkthrough (Text only)

Désiré 2003
For those who want a quick fix

1. Talk to Sebastian about the restructuring plan.

2. Go to the underground

3. Talk to Elma. The train will come and you will then reach the soup kitchen.
4. Talk to Elma again. Go to the back room.
5. Open 3 cupboards and you will hear Elma screaming. Go back to the dining room.
6. Talk to the homeless person

7. Go back to the back room and take the glove and back to the dining room again.
8. Talk to the beggar
9. He will point the knife at you. Now use the glove, and then use the knife on homeless person to shoo him away. 
10. Talk to Elma. 
11. Talk to Kevin.

12. Talk to Sebastian about the restaurant. He will let you know he has a friend who owns a restaurant

13. Talk to Pablo.

14. Talk to Cecilé.
Talk about the restructuring planEarn her trust.. (1) I have real respect for authentic feminism.(3) Simone de Beauvoir was a figurehead of feminism.(1) The gender battle is one that never shed any blood.(2) The male chauvinist pig is a millstone…

Désiré 1992 Full Walkthrough (Text only)

Désiré 1992
For those who want a quick fix

1. Click on the inventory (top right corner of page)

2. Click on the scroll (book of spells) and drag to Désiré. He will be reading some instructions on how to make someone fall in love with him. Ok.. make a wooden box, write name of loved one on egg, put egg in box and bury in sunlight  
3. Drag sandwich to Désiré to get the egg for the love potion.
4. Click on the board beside the hut to get the pen.
5. Click on the door and get the saw, hammer and nails from the toolbox
6. Click on board situated in front of the boat.
7. Let's complete the love potion:  Use saw with board to get 6 sticksUse 6 sticks with nails to get boxUse egg with pen to get egg with signUse egg with sign with box to get box with egg 8. Walk all the way right and you will see a sandcastle. Drag the box with egg to the hole.

9. You will see a corridor. Click on the next door to go home.

10. Take the keys near the door

11. Talk to both Aunt Lucia and Aunt Nina.

12. G…

New Escape Room: The Lost Paradise Walkthrough Part 1 (Text Only)

In New Escape Room: The Lost Paradise walkthrough part 1, we will go through the first 3 rooms. Take note of the blue note in room 2 which will affect the ending!

For ease of explanation, I will call each screen 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5. 1 is the room that you start in 2, 3 and 4 are the rooms to the right (respectively) 5 is the roof
Pink words means to take an item.
Orange wordsmeans to copy or use a code.

Room 1
You will see a room with a huge black cloth covering something

Screen 1
Click on black cloth 
Screen 2
Click on pink sofa Click on golden seams of pillow Take golden gem Click on pillow Take note Go back Click on plant Take red gem Go back 
Screen 3
Click on chair Take white gem Note black words: 5481Go back 
Screen 4
Take blue gem on painting Note red words: 6621 Click the roof 
Screen 5
Note arrangements of birds: white, blue, red, yellow Click the yellow arrow pointing up 
Screen 4
Click on brown box Put the gems in the same order as the birds: white, blue, red yellow Take the seal Click …

New Escape Room: The Lost Paradise Walkthrough (Text Only)

I open my eyes in a daze, familiar and strange before my eyes. Through an eerie room and a very painful story emerging in front of your eyes, all the room as you choose the constantly changing step by step, like a person's life, faced with numerous choices, whether satisfactory walk to the end, will have to see you have courage, intelligence quotient (IQ) is not enough...
New Escape Room: The Lost Paradise is one of the many escape room games created by super-mt or Hun Dong Game Studio. I really enjoy all the games because of the non-scary graphics and dark themes, it's like the perfect thriller game for a scaredary cat like me! Anyway this game has quite a gripping storyline and your choices in the previous few rooms will determine your ultimate ending.

There are 4 endings in total but I will only show the ending to the true/happy ending. For the rest of the endings, I will highlight them in blue so that you know that you can pick the options to lead to them. 
For ease of explan…

Hidden Secrets Free: Answers Level 15 - 20 (Text Only)

So after helping out in level 7, I decided to just pay for the app and complete the rest of the levels!! The final levels are here
Hidden Secrets free is a game similar to Godtower where you have to key in the answers to the puzzles to solve it and move on to the next level. Download it on Google Play here
Level 15 Answer: All paths So what QWERTY (0, -1) means is that you take the letters keyboard (QWERTY), and read it as the one at the bottom (because the x coordinate horizontal is 0, and y coordinate vertical is -1). Means q = a, w = s, e = d, etc.
Decipher the code to get "all paths"

Level 16 Answer: Seem somehow
Replace e = + , p = (, a = >, c = <, i = -, s = ), j =.
Decipher the characters and you will get the answer: seem somehow

Level 17
Answer: Strange
Google dancing man code and decipher

Level 18
Answer: Itall or It all (space is optional)
Search SHA-256 decoder and input the code cc5a19e15f4292048874a2d764f131a96af7e6670563fcc8525a27d1c2dd7277 to get I…

Hidden Secrets Free: Answers Level 8 - 14 (Text Only)

So after helping out in level 7, I decided to just pay for the app and complete the rest of the levels!!
Hidden Secrets free is a game similar to Godtower where you have to key in the answers to the puzzles to solve it and move on to the next level. Download it on Google Play here
Level 8 Answer: There seems to be no way Set the date and time to 11/11/11 and 11:11 (24 hour clock)
Go back to the app and increase the brightness. You will see some boxed codes which are actually maritime signals.
Google Maritime signals and decipher the answer

Level 9 Answer: To find answers
The answer to the riddle is "penrose stairs", remember it.

Go to
You see a barcode. Download the barcode and use a barcode reader to decipher it.
You should get a URL!EWAXyahY!yiAK039hkfW_ZKqF96gtfH946tNfPZjmg-INSzxsy8g and download the file youareoneofthem99.
Open the file and type the password "penrose stairs". Note: if you cannot open the file, ch…
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