Alice's Spiritual Judge Walkthrough: Chapter 8 - 9 (Text Only)

From Chapter 7, we have solved the case and learnt that Mr Caterpillar's real name is Mr Ishimoto, and Queen of Hearts is Ms Maki Aakai.

Chapter 8: Alice's Memory

Cheshire Cat seems to know something about White Rabbit's suicide letter, but refuses to tell Alice. Alice then leaves without Cheshire Cat to the hallway and see March Hare. March Hare asks Alice to find him and runs away.
  • Move
    • Go to Library
Alice sees Cheshire Cat without a mouthguard. Her name is actually Chiaki Nekotsuka, and she has been library partners with Alice.
  • Move
    • Go to Front of Gymnasium
Alice moves into the gymnasium and listens to a speech about people talking about the death and how Alice could be part of it.
  • Move
    • Go to Hatchway
Alice sees the memory of her giving the White Rabbit a pair of white gloves.
  • Move
    • Go to Courtyard
Alice sees the memory of Cheshire Cat asking her what she knows about White Rabbit's death and Alice tells Cheshire Cat not to ask anything, which was the reason why she wore the mouthguard. 
  • Move
    • Go to Classroom
Alice hears even more conversations about White Rabbit's suicide. The voices hint that it was Queen of Hearts and her followers which led White Rabbit to her suicide.. 
  • Move
    • Go to In front of Audio Visual Room
Alice sees the Mad Hatter who reveals himself as Kenji Matohata and White Rabbit's name which is Harumi Usa. Mad Hatter asks some questions about White Rabbit's death but Alice does not know anything. She goes into the Audio Visual Room.

She sees March Hare. March Hare reveals that he is the portrayal of White Rabbit in Alice's mind - Alice has always viewed White Rabbit as a poor person. Alice reaches for her pocket and sees a March Hare puppet which was the first gift by Alice to White Rabbit. Alice faints.

The chapter ends with the judge asking Alice to pass judgement of herself. It ends with a cliffhanger: "I am..."

Chapter 9: Alice's Sin
Alice shared her story of being a rebellious child contrary to her sister, and met White Rabbit in the playground. White Rabbit told her stories similar to Alice in Wonderland, and they became good friends. Alice often gave White Rabbit food and learnt that White Rabbit had a stepmother who neglected her. White Rabbit always listened to Alice which made Alice feel superior and somewhat like her older sister. The teachers would ask Alice if she knew anything about White Rabbit, but Alice would always deny anything because she was also dependent on White Rabbit and did not want anyone to threaten this cross-dependent relationship.

In junior school, Alice meet Cheshire Cat and gravitated towards her instead of White Rabbit. Alice wanted to be as independent as Cheshire Cat. Also, Alice protected White Rabbit from bullies but was afraid when they bullied her too. Alice started to ignore White Rabbit to "save herself" from the bullies, and hung out with Cheshire Cat more.

One day, White Rabbit asked to meet Alice in the audio visual room. When Alice went, she saw the body of White Rabbit. Alice saw the note in the March Hare puppet saying, "To Alice forever after...". Alice blames herself for White Rabbit's death and rushes out to the library, apologising to Cheshire Cat repeatedly. Queen of Hearts and Mr Caterpillar found the body and investigation started though Alice was unable to help. Alice's loss of memory was a want to forget everything, that she played a part in White Rabbit's death and the creation of March Hare's character as a hallucination of her conscience.

The chapter ends with Red King in the trial room, revealing herself to be Alice. "Spiritual Judge was to punish my own sin. It is to atone my own mistake." For doing nothing, Alice was at fault for not supporting White Rabbit. As the judge places a judgment on Alice, she wakes up and have the resolve to reveal the truth to everyone. She then sees Cheshire Cat and they go to school together.


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