Alice's Spiritual Judge Walkthrough: Chapter 1 - 3 (Text Only)

Before I start the walkthrough, here are some basic controls of the game.
There are 4 main buttons in the game:

  • Move
You need to move Alice around the school compound to discover and explore new areas. Note that you may need to uncover some dialogue with other characters before you can unlock certain areas.
  • Investigate
Investigation is one of the most commonly used buttons used in the game. When pressing investigate, you get to click around the area to derive more clues. Also, you can click on "think" to have a better understanding of the current storyline, which sometimes gives you clues on what to do next. At times, you get to click on a character and ask him/her some questions too. 
  • Record
Well I dislike pressing Record because that's when the advertisements start showing, but it's important because it allows you to see the evidences gathered and characters met. Also, you need to use the record function to present items to characters, as well as to share certain items or information during the Spiritual Trials or Judgements. 
  • Menu
The menu button is basically to edit the sound levels and to view the social media accounts of ESC-APE by SEEC. Nothing much really.  

I will only post the actions required to complete the certain chapters. 


Chapter 1: Where has the White Rabbit Gone
You wake up from a dream of being in a trial where you were going to be executed without a judgment. You are in a classroom.
  • Investigate
    • Click on the school bag to get your bag
    • Click on the notebook on the table to get writing supplement
  • Think
You then bump into a creepy looking rabbit and a card of hearts. You need to choose whether to (A) Chase the Rabbit kid, or (B) Talk to the Card Soldier. It doesn't matter because the outcome is the same - you learn that White Rabbit was killed and now you can access the hallway.
  • Move
    • Hallway
You see a man in a gas mask, who is your teacher Mr Caterpillar. He talks to you about the case and then tells you go to to the gymnasium. 
  • Move
    • In front of Gymnasium
  • Investigate
    • Gymnasium door
You then walk into the gym which is not a gym but a courtroom. The judge calls for Queen of Hearts as the defendant and chapter 1 ends.

Chapter 2: Spiritual Judge Begins
The court starts and the Judge reveals herself to be Red King. Mad Hatter is the Prosecutor (you know it's not a good thing), and Queen of Hearts is put on trial.

The idea was to execute Queen of Hearts before giving her a judgement. Thinking it is ridiculous, you become the hero and volunteer to defend Que

Mad Hatter now asks you a series of questions that you have to answer.
  • Regarding White Rabbit
    • She did not kill herself
  • What is the evidence for this not being a suicidal case?
    • Present the photo of the crime scene
  • Tap where you think is strange!
    • Press the area where White Rabbit's hand is. A red circle should appear. Then click on Mad Hatter 
  • Choose your answer
    • I am wrong
  • My innocence
    • I cannot prove my innocence

The Red King asks you to prove your innocence and the chapter ends together with the first Spiritual Trial.

Chapter 3: Defendant Alice
The Queen of Hearts talks to you.
  • Move
    • Classroom
Talk to Mr Caterpillar to unlock the library.
  • Move
    • Library
Cheshire Cat talks to you and passes you the library's assistant duty roster. You are saved!
  • Investigate
    • Click on computer to get the circular history of library books
    • Click on bookcase to get bookmark
  • Move
    • Hallway
You bump into a student and he passes you your student pocketbook. You go back to the library and recall an old memory of two girls - the one who is better off financially is giving the other pie that she stole from her family. Queen of Hearts then talks to you to check on your psyche. You go to the gymnasium with Cheshire Cat and get ready for the next Spiritual Trial.


Chapter 1 - 3
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Chapter 7 (3 Endings)
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