New Escape Room: The Lost Paradise Walkthrough Final Part 3 (Text Only)

For ease of explanation, I will call each screen 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5.
1 is the room that you start in
2, 3 and 4 are the rooms to the right (respectively)
5 is the roof

Pink words means to take an item.

Orange words means to copy or use a code.


From part 2, you will get out of room 6 and go to room 7, which also decides the happy/sad ending of the game.

Room 7
You see a room with pipes, a sink, and frames of a girl and a lady.

Screen 1

  • Click on the frame with the lady
  • Put the ring on her finger 
  • She cries and the whole place rains

Screen 3
  • Take the doll 
  • Put the doll on the rocking chair
  • Click on the rocking chair. The doll will break and blood will fill the drain.
  • Take the doll's head to get a piece of rope
  • Take the paper from the doll's body to get a photo
  • Click on the wheel to drain the blood

Screen 4
  • Take the fish tank
  • Click on the broken cupboard
  • Open the door and get the axe and photo shard
  • Use the axe on the broken door
  • Get the small sticks
  • Click on the sink 
  • Get the matches
  • Click on the fireplace
  • Use the small sticks on the fireplace
  • Use the matches on the small sticks
  • Click back
  • Put the glass jar with water on the fire
  • Take the boiling water
  • Click on the sink
  • Use the boiling water on the ice to melt it
  • Click on the cork to drain the water
  • Take the key

Screen 1
  • Click on the frame with the small girl
  • Give her the photo of the family
  • She will smile and disappear
  • Take the blue key and spin the wheel
  • The sink would be empty

Screen 2
  • Use the golden key on the on the blue cupboard
  • Take the iron and the note
  • Click on the iron and use rope on it to get a cross
  • Click on the photo of the monster eating the bird
  • Use the cross on the yellow bird 
  • Use the blue key on the wooden door
  • Spin the wheel
  • The green liquid would disappear
  • Remember to take the ring below the pipe! It will determine the ending!!

Screen 5
  • All 4 portions on the ceiling should be coloured
  • Use the empty glass cylinder in the middle part of the circle
  • You will get a purple fluid

Screen 3
  • The blue door will open
  • Go to it

Room 1 (ending)
You return back to the room with the family photo

Screen 2
  • Click on the door of the green cupboard to reveal a family photo 
  • Use the photo shard on the family photo to complete it
  • You will get the code 2841
  • Click on the code portion and type in 2841
  • Take the knife

Screen 4
  • The woman now faces you and is crying tears of joy
  • Click on her 
  • Use the knife on the ring necklace
  • Insert the ring in the cutout
  • A hidden component will appear
  • Put the bottle of blood on it
  • Take the purification potion
Screen 1
  • Use the purple liquid on the family photo
  • Use the purification potion on the family photo
  • The family photo will be revealed, ending the wonderful story!

If you would like to see an unhappy ending, simply just use the knife on the family photo to destroy it. If you did not fulfil any of the portions with blue text, the only ending is the bad ending, i.e. to use the knife on the family photo. In conclusion, remember to take 2 blood samples (in part 1 and part 2), and take the ring after it drops (in part 3) to ensure a happy ending. 

E N D 
Hope you enjoyed the series

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Part 1 - Rooms 1 to 3
Part 2 - Rooms 4 to 6
Part 3 - Final
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