New Escape Room: The Lost Paradise Walkthrough Part 2 (Text Only)

For ease of explanation, I will call each screen 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5.
1 is the room that you start in
2, 3 and 4 are the rooms to the right (respectively)
5 is the roof

Pink words means to take an item.

Orange words means to copy or use a code.


From Part 1,

Room 2 (again)

  • Use the key on the wooden door 

Room 4
You see a ransacked and partially burnt master bedroom. 

Screen 1
  • Click on bed twice
  • Take note 
  • Click on the dressing table
  • Take the medication

Screen 2
  • Get the camera beside the bear
  • Take the wooden plank at the bottom left of the screen
Screen 3
  • Take the clear glass mortar from the drawer at the bottom left of the screen
  • Click on the clear glass mortar and take the paper out
  • Click on hollow mortar and put medication inside
  • Use the wooden stick on the mortar to pound the medication
Screen 5
  • Use the camera to take a photo of the woman silhouette 
Screen 2
  • Use the mortar with medication with the bear
  • Take the lighter
Screen 1
  • Click on the frame with the groom
  • Use the photo of the woman on the empty part of the screen 
  • Use the lighter on the photo
  • Take the key
Screen 4
  • Use the key on the lock
  • Look at the skeleton's head: 1552
  • Use the code on the locked box beside the cupboard
  • Take the key
Screen 3
  • Somehow the door is open. Go through it

Room 1 (again)
The huge black cloth is now uncovered You see a locked photo frame of a family with covered faces.

Screen 1
  • Use the key on the lock at the left of the frame

Similar to part 1,
Screen 3
  • Click on chair 
  • Note black words: 5481
  • Go back 

Screen 4
  • Note red words: 8537 

Screen 3
  • Click on the door 
  • Type in the black words in screen 3 (5481) and red words in screen 4 (8537) in the following red/black order: 85543871 
  • The door opens 
  • Click on the door 

Room 5
This is a new room with a dark pink cupboard. 

Screen 1
  • Take the water spray above the cupboard
Screen 2
  • Take the piece of photo from the floor
  • Click on the man's photo and move the pieces to make it whole
  • Take the second piece of photo
Screen 3
  • Click on the wooden box
  • Take the lightbulb from the box
Screen 4
  • Click on the table
  • Click on the middle frame
  • Take the piece of photo 
  • Use that piece on the next frame to get a picture of a little girl
  • Use the bottle of blood on the picture (alternate ending if not)
  • Take the key
Screen 1
  • Use the key on the dark pink cupboard
  • Take the cloth
  • Click on the photo
  • Use the water spray on the drawing
  • Use the cloth on the drawing to see a rainbow
  • Click on the powerpoint below the rainbow picture
  • Use the lightbulb on the powerpoint
  • The lightbulb will flash: Yellow, Red, Dark Blue, Pink
  • Click on the rainbow picture and the lightbulb colours correspond to: 3, 1, 6 and 7 (order of colours in the rainbow)
  • Click on the blue box and type in 3167 to open it
  • Get the piece of photo
Screen 2
  • Click on the green frame
  • Put all 3 pieces of photo on the frame
  • Take the bird key
Screen 3
  • Use the bird key on the door

Room 6
You go into a room with a small TV. It's the creepiest room because you could get killed by a monster in there. Don't click on the TV yet. 

Screen 3 
  • Click on the blue cupboard
  • Get the ring
Screen 4
  • Click the mirror to see 2739
  • Click on the table and the coded box
  • Enter 2739 and get the hammer
  • Use the hammer on the mirror
  • Get mirror piece
Screen 1
  • Click on the TV to see "Don't look back" - Don't go to screen 3
  • Get the iron from the TV
  • Click on mirror piece. You will see hands of a green monster and an inverted "0809" 
Screen 2
  • Click on the green box and press 0809
  • Get the crucible
  • Click on the crucible and add the iron to it
  • Click on the crucible and iron and use it on the pot of red coal
Screen 4 (click left twice)
  • Click on the table
  • Use the crucible and melted iron on the key mould
  • Get the key
Screen 1
  • Use the key on the wooden door

The next part, which is the final part, is also the most intense. Stay tuned!

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