Hidden Secrets Free: Answers Level 15 - 20 (Text Only)

So after helping out in level 7, I decided to just pay for the app and complete the rest of the levels!! The final levels are here

Hidden Secrets free is a game similar to Godtower where you have to key in the answers to the puzzles to solve it and move on to the next level. Download it on Google Play here


Level 15
Answer: All paths
So what QWERTY (0, -1) means is that you take the letters keyboard (QWERTY), and read it as the one at the bottom (because the x coordinate horizontal is 0, and y coordinate vertical is -1). Means q = a, w = s, e = d, etc.
Decipher the code to get "all paths"

Level 16
Answer: Seem somehow
Replace e = + , p = (, a = >, c = <, i = -, s = ), j =.
Decipher the characters and you will get the answer: seem somehow

Level 17
Answer: Strange
Google dancing man code and decipher

Level 18
Answer: Itall or It all (space is optional)
Search SHA-256 decoder and input the code cc5a19e15f4292048874a2d764f131a96af7e6670563fcc8525a27d1c2dd7277 to get ITALL
Add the L at the back to get itall

Level 19
Answer: Is too simple
You see a kind of fog picture
At the bottom you see +354 2 Lower overhead

Google +354 and you realise the country code is for Iceland. The domain for Iceland is .is (just like how Singapore is .sg and Malaysia is .my)
2 = two = too
Lower overhead = so the fog picture is actually Simplex Noise, which is a kind of algorithm to measure noise. To lower overhead means to remove the noise = x noise. So lowering overhead of the fog picture = simplex noise - x noise = simple
Hence the (kind of far-fetched) answer is "is too simple"

Level 20
Answer: The loop
Translate the text and you get: small details are very important
Now look at the picture and you will find a line of dots and lines at the top right of the picture.
So the dots and lines are not morse, but are actually a line of blanks and inputs. Each blank is a 0 and an input is a 1. You will get 0101010001001000010001010010000001001100010011110100111101010000 and decipher it to get THE LOOP

H O P E   T H I S   H E L P S

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