Hidden Secrets Free: Answers Level 8 - 14 (Text Only)

So after helping out in level 7, I decided to just pay for the app and complete the rest of the levels!!

Hidden Secrets free is a game similar to Godtower where you have to key in the answers to the puzzles to solve it and move on to the next level. Download it on Google Play here


Level 8
Answer: There seems to be no way
Set the date and time to 11/11/11 and 11:11 (24 hour clock)
Go back to the app and increase the brightness. You will see some boxed codes which are actually maritime signals.
Google Maritime signals and decipher the answer

Level 9
Answer: To find answers
The answer to the riddle is "penrose stairs", remember it.

Go to www.imgur.com/a/27Zgl
You see a barcode. Download the barcode and use a barcode reader to decipher it.
You should get a URL https://mega.nz/#!EWAXyahY!yiAK039hkfW_ZKqF96gtfH946tNfPZjmg-INSzxsy8g and download the file youareoneofthem99.
Open the file and type the password "penrose stairs". Note: if you cannot open the file, change the file type to zip so that you can unzip it and get a txt file.
You will then see the answer for level 9!

Level 10
Answer: Presumably
The answer to ALICE. ATLAS. is "large hadron collider".
Just google alice atlas and you will see that ALICE is A Large Ion Collider Experiment on the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) ring.

Type the URL https://mega.nz/#!JahTyRWL!Zk75xNNWibtUrU2gfd6Py4TWM4h5BxZpfQhqbvtZhuo
Download (and unzip) the file, type in the password "largehadroncollider", and you will get the answer!

Level 11
Answer: Neither this
Google "sempiternus magnus" and you will find a Trithemius Ave Maria Decoder
Type everything "sempiternus magnus index redemptor optimus dominus fabricator redemptor optimus iudex conseruator" to get NEITHERTHIS

Level 12
Answer: Can be justified
Thanks Gabriel for your email! It made me buy the app lol!!
So you have a voice clip. Use a sound analyzer to get some letters CDUIAIBFSETNEJ
If you use an anagram solver you will get CAN BE JUSTIFIED

Level 13
Answer: Maybe should do
So if you see the last line, you will notice the numbers and alphabets actually correspond to the chemical details of the element Sodium (Na). Take a look at the top line and use a periodic table to match numbers to corresponding elements.
70 = Ytterbium (Yb)
16 = Sulfur (S)
67 = Holmium (Ho)
92 = Uranium (U)
8 = Oxygen (O)
Put all alphabets together and you get MA YB E S HO U LDD O

Level 14
Answer: A blind choice
So 264 and 6 are base 64 and hex respectively.
Use an BASE64 decoder to ASCII and decipher MTYwMjI2YzY5NmU2NDYwMjM2ODZmNjk2MzY1Ng== to get 160226c696e646023686f6963656 in ASCII.
Mirror the string of numbers to get 6563696f686320646e696c622061.
Now use a Hex to ASCII decoder and you will get eciohc dnilb a
Flip it to get the answer!

H O P E   T H I S   H E L P S

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