Funghi's Den Walkthrough: FAQs (Text only)

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Q: Will withered funghi leave the den?
A: No. Withered funghi can even go on adventures and get stuff back for you. The only thing they cannot do is to help out at facilities.

Q: Where is the traveller's hut?
A: It is the spot where funghi wait to enter the den (at ground level)

Q: Do I need to buy all hats for my funghi?
A: No, but it will be good if you want to fulfil the achievements. Also good if you want to layer effects of the hats with the same kind of funghi i.e. if you give 2 funghi different hats, both funghi will get the effects of both hats! Also, if you have 3 different hats for a type of funghi, the funghi has effects of all 3 hats regardless of which you wear!

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