Funghi's Den Walkthrough: General Guide (Text only)

Here are some simple things to note of your Funghi's Den when playing.  

This is what you will see in the game. The top left corner is your rank (I was 17), top right corner are you coins and fun orbs. Coins are used to build and upgrade stuff, and fun orbs are used to rush gathering of materials, create special hats and accessories, build special facilities, refresh the mushrooms in the traveler's hut (costs 50 fun orbs), and get special decor (which are really cute). 

From the bottom taskbar (from left):
  1. Goal - Click on it to see the goals (and complete them) to rank up
  2. Present - Click to receive daily gifts and also achievements (retrieved from statue at top right of page - ground level of screen)
  3. Menu - Click to open various options (below)
  4. Storage - See what you have collected/bought/kept
  5. Dev - Shows the things you can buy or build 

Menu (from left):

  1. News - From BeeswaxGames
  2. Facility List - See the buildings you have in your den. Very useful to see their grades (the number is red for max levels), and to find certain buildings should you forget where they are!
  3. Funghi List - Good for finding mushrooms especially if they are wilted. Also to see their stats and whether they are adventuring (you can't click on them if adventuring).
  4. Buy - Buying fun orbs for various uses 
  5. Dressing - Change the location of decor, and change flooring (can be gained by gathering certain treasures while mining, my favourite is the ore cave)
  6. License Card - See your nickname, rank, and achievements; change nickname, fav. funghi, and backdrop
  7. Treasure Library - Check out the treasure and how many more to get next bonus items (such as coins, license background, floor kit, etc. You can also get to this page by clicking on the treasure gatherer)
  8. Funghi Library - See the current funghi who have joined your den, and those whom you have clicked on when they were on ground level. There are currently 39 of them but I'm only at 10
  9. To title - Back to home screen
  10. Info - Getting info (not very important except fun orb should you want to track how many you have earned and bought)
  11. How to play - Get tips from BeewaxGames on how to ace the game. Really cool tips here!
  12. Settings - Adjust volume, change background song, transfer game between phones, and add/remove notifications

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