Hwayugi (A Korean Odyssey) General Synopsis (Text Only)

List of Characters in Hwayugi A Korean Odyssey - I will be putting this at the top of every synopsis cos even I sometimes forget who is who

I'm not a frequent serial watcher but I like this series because of the parallels it has with Journey to the West. This is a modern spin-off by the Hong Sisters. I like that the title is Hwayugi cos it sounds like 华语记, which sounds like 西遊记 (ya ya very far-fetched I know but I like it).

Needless to say, the protagonist Jin Sun-Mi is adapted from Tang San Zang, the Buddhist monk who is on a journey to the west to get some western scriptures for enlightenment. Tang San Zang is accompanied by Sun Wu Kong, Zhu Bajie and Sha Wujing. Sun Wu Kong is Son Oh-Gong in this story, who will be protecting Jin Sun-Mi. The character of Zhu Bajie is portayed in PK who is a lustful and greedy artiste who is powered by the energy of his fans, and Sha Wujing is played as Son Oh-Jung who is Son Oh-Gong's "hyungnim" or brother in the show. Can imagine Oh-Jung saving or assisting Oh-Gong throughout the show. You can read Journey to the West to learn more about the characters (major Easter eggs in better understanding this series), but I guess learning about Sun Wu Kong is more than enough.

So Sun Wu Kong is a notorious, proud monkey whom you'd want to strangle because of his arrogance and annoyance - he calls himself the "Great Sage equal to the Heavens". He was trapped under the Five Element Mountain for 500 years for eating the immortality peaches and attacking troops in Heaven. He managed to escape the mountain after Tang San Zang freed him and made him one of his disciples to journey to the west. To control Sun Wu Kong, Tang San Zang has a golden circlet placed on Sun Wu Kong, which will hurt when Tang San Zang chant prayers to control Sun Wu Kong or stop him from mischief.

Being a Korean drama, my bet is that Son Oh-Gong is going to protect Jin Sun-Mi and he will probably fall in love with her in the process. They are probably going to meet many demons but will be able to overcome them with the help of their friends (and maybe with the cheesy power of love). So let's start.

I must say that the 90 minutes of each episode is so packed with action and content, you'll feel so tired in the middle of the episode (somewhat like Star Wars the Last Jedi lol but I loved it!!!). Nevertheless it was great watching and I truly enjoyed it!


Episode 1

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