First Strike: Final Hour Tips and Tricks

You can view the general guide/review here.

So this game is very simple to orientate:
  • Swipe your finger on the screen to rotate the globe and pull 2 fingers in the opposite direction to zoom (just like Virtual Villagers Origins 2 hehe)
  • Click on each of your territory and click on the following options:
    • Attack: Choose a territory that you wish to attack. Thankfully the game disallows you to self-destruct, so it will not release bombs into your own territory
    • Defend: When an enemy is launching a missile towards your direction, neighbouring territories can help to defend by releasing a bomb to nullify the enemy's 
    • Expand: You can click on other newly vacated lands beside yours to expand your territory. This helps you gain more space and creep up to enemies closer, which means you get to attack countries who are half the world away from you!
    • Research: You can research the following:
      • Efficiency: To enhance speed of building and expansion
      • Missile: Increase the reach and power of missiles
      • Recon: Allows you to be notified when an enemy missile is moving towards your territory
      • Nation: Increases the amount of missiles each territory can have
    • Build missiles (cruise/IRBM/ICBM/etc.): Each missile has their own strengths and weaknesses, some are faster and weaker in power while others may be slower but strong in power. Nevertheless it's good to have a mix of missiles in your territory.
  • There are also options on the left side of the screen:
    • 2 cool missiles which you can use to completely evacuate the land (but it becomes inhabitable and nobody can use it afterwards, not even you)
    • First strike, where all your unengaged lands sends their missiles over to a chosen space. Always choose a place not too near yourself (unless you want to die), and somewhere with your enemy's crest (that's their capital)
    • Democracy: Pledge allegiance with one of the other powerhouses. You can always annihilate them later haha
    • Ready: Not too sure what this is, but for me, it helps me draw the boundaries of my states as well as my enemies', so I know where to aim my missiles. It's a waste of ammo to aim at uninhabited areas. 

My tips:
  1. Try to get at least 1 missile for every territory before expanding the land
  2. If you have nothing to do for the land, just add missiles. I usually just add the cruise
  3. Do research for landlocked spaces (spaces surrounded by other spaces) - The first one to do is always efficiency, followed by recon. This is because nobody attacks you in the early stages (unless you are very unlucky). 
  4. Thankfully the enemies tend to kill each other off so just spend the early parts of the game fortifying your area and conducting research 
  5. When expanding, if you have multiple choices, always take the land furthest from you or the one in the middle (so that you can use that land so mutliply as well, takes a lesser time overall!)
  6. If you are going to end the game, but have no idea which other area of land you have not conquered, just fast forward the game and see which area attempts to hit you with a missile 

This is my first gameplay for the game, you can check it out to see a short snippet of how I play it:

Hope this helps!
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