None* Walkthrough: Levels 41-50

Level 41
Q: Red1 Yellow2 Green3 Brown4 Blue5 Pink6 Black7 I Love This Game
A: Snooker

Level 42
Before You Continue
Read This Text First
Is Very Important But I
Guess You Know That Is
Hard To Read This
Text The Right Way
A: Bright
The first letter of each line

Level 43
Q: J F M A M J J A S O N _, O T T F F S S E N _ , M T W T F S _
First row are months of the year, last is December (D). Second row are numbers 1-10, last is Ten (T). Last row are days of the week, last is Sunday (S)

Level 44
Q: 14 February - Valets
A: Nine
V A L E N T I N E S - V A L E T S = N I N E

Level 45
Q: Up 384 403 Down 20 000
A: Jules Verne
Google the numbers to get the title of the books that Jules Verne wrote. (This level is the toughest for me)

Level 46
Q: Now The Hungry Lion, Roars, And The Wolf Behowls, The Moon; Whilst The Heavy, Ploughman Snores, 3-3-1 1-4-2 3-3-5 2-2-3 1-1-2 3-2-1
A: Wisdom
The numbers are basically the row-word number-letter number. Refer to the picture below to see how I got it.

Level 47
Q: Avles Al Ed Yer
A: Lion
Whoever with a sick mind decided to flip the letters. Anyway when you google "Rey De La Selva", you will get Lion in Spanish. Just look at the number of lion pics in the search results

Level 48
A: Moon/Moonlanding
The dates are roman numerals for 21-7-1969, which is the date that the first man (Neil Armstrong) walked on the moon

Level 49
Q: NY 3,14
A: Apple pie
NY = New York = Big Apple, and 3,14 = pi π

Level 50
Q: oooOoooo
A: Mars
Seriously this is hard to get.. But there are only 8 planets (huge circles in the solar system), and the 4th circle is otherwise known as Mars

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