None* Walkthrough: Levels 21-30

Level 21
Q: 48.855, 2.347
A: Paris
Quite obvious these are coordinates. Just check it up Google Maps.

Level 22
Q: It's my birthday
A: Happy birthday
The polite thing to do

Level 23
Q: Wov8imΓmoΛ8iwl
A: Mirror
As you can see, the words are mirrored

Level 24
Q: Legend Cocktail Vanilla Sky
A: Tom Cruise
To be honest I was a bit baffled by it, but if you Google Vanilla Sky you will find it

Level 25
Q: Reverse
A: esrsver
Just spell Reverse in the reverse manner 

Level 26
Q: #000000 Pandora Opens
A: Airplane
#000000 is black in code, and Pandora opens a box, so you get black box. Google that to figure that black box is the thing in the airplane

Level 27
Q: Nag A Ram
A: Anagram
It is the word anagram scrambled (basically what an anagram is supposed to do - jumble letters to form other words)

Level 28
Q: The Cat is *Not* Dead
A: Schrodinger 
You will see the word "not" flashing. This means the cat is both dead and alive at the same time = schrodinger's cat paradox (this paradox means that if you put a cat in a box, it could be both dead and alive at the same time - because you don't know and cannot prove if the cat is indeed dead and/or alive)

Level 29
Q: The Answer Is Next. The Next Is Answer.
A: Next
Quite obvious

Level 30
Q: Next
A: Answer
Refer to level 29

This has got to be the easiest set of 10 questions
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