Honest House Reviews: Hundred Palms Residences

To all real estate agents, you should really touch your conscience if you want to sell this place. Please cut the crap about "serving the customers with heart", only profit-driven or ignorant people will want to sell this place.

So HPR is situated along Yio Chu Kang Road (Postal code: 545672). Check out my screenshots from Google Maps:

I shall not comment too much just in case, but what I can say is that it is really noisy in the day and night. If you do not enjoy peace and serenity, then this is the place for you. 

And potential buyers will not realise this because the showroom is in the next junction, behind Bowen Secondary School, which is not very near the actual land. 

Imagine you move into your new home, unexpectedly have to tolerate the amount of noise, then find it difficult to resell it because only a select few will want to buy it. Good luck with that. 

But I must admit, it is indeed very close to Rosyth School, and you can walk to Hougang 1 within 10-15 min to do some grocery shopping in their Fairprice Xtra. The buses in the area also provide routes to all over Singapore. So, it's a battle between location VS noise. 

I will still say no though, the noise is no joke. 


If any real estate agents are reading this, I am currently looking for a condo in the east, somewhere around Telok Kurau and Marine Parade. If you have any recommendations, please comment so that I can consider the place. Thank you!! 
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