A letter to everyone grieving

This letter is dedicated to everyone who is enduring the pain of losing a loved one.

Dear you,

It hurts to lose someone you love. When you see the person lying lifeless, you may experience vast emotions engulfing you. "How could I have avoided this situation? Why did she leave so quickly? Is this real? Please wake up.." But at the end of the day, I hope you come to a conclusion that "she is in a better place". Where she is right now, there is only peace and no pain. There is no sadness, no illness, and no prejudice. She has conquered the journey of life in her own way. 

The people who visit her fall into two categories - those who celebrated her life, and those who cherish yours. There are people whose lives she has touched and positively impacted, who make no qualms to say their final farewells. That is something to be proud of. More importantly, there are also people who come to comfort you. You know that no matter what comes your way, they are here to stay.

You are loved. 

Even if one person is no longer around to love you and receive your love, there are others waiting for you to accept and reciprocate their concern. 

And that, is the strength to keep you going.

The tough part is not the prayers, funeral, or the burial/cremation. The tough part is living when she is gone. You are going to experience the first flight where you don't have anyone to report your safety to. You will go through holidays and festivals without her to celebrate with. You will pass her birthday and feel a void over it. These feelings may last for a year, sometimes even more. It takes time to adapt to a different life, but you can do it.

There are friends and family who stood by your side during the times when you needed them most. These are the people who will help you to adapt to this new chapter. They may not completely understand how you feel, but they are always ready to lend support. This group includes me. 

I wish for your safety, acceptance and contentment. Embrace the pain of grief, and reminisce good days you shared. She is gone only in body but not in spirit. You are not alone and will never be alone. 

Stay strong. 
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