The Last Door: Collector's Edition Walkthrough

The Last Door is a series of point and click adventure games on the computer and phone. I'm obviously playing the Android version (as all other game walkthroughs). Click here to download from Play Store, and here from Apple Store.

It's a bit morbid but definitely fun. Nice pixel graphics and gripping storyline too!

Prologue (AKA Tutorial)
After all the things I've seen
  • Pick up the rope. 
  • Pick up the chair.
After all the things I've done.
  • Click on one of the two legs of the chair to tie the rope to it.
My life is on a course that I can't escape from
  • Click on the rope.
It's too late for me now
  • Click on the chair.
I just hope you could forgive me someday
  • Click on the chair.
Yours sincerely, Anthony Beechworth
You will hang yourself and then the title will appear.

Now the game starts.


Click on the door - you will go in the house
Take off your coat

Move right
Get matches from drinks cabinet
Open door and go through

Click on large painting repeatedly for it to drop - get the rosary
Go to the door on the right to get into the kitchen

Click the stove to get old cloth
Click the door on the right

You will see a lot of crows/vultures but you cannot get close to them
Go back into the house
Go to the hallway with paintings
Go to the door that is unlocked at the far right corner

Get unlit lamp above drawers
Use matches on unlit lamp
Go back to foyer and go left (stairs)

Walk to door after the boarded up door
Get silver key at bedside table
It will open one of the rooms at the right side of the hallway with paintings
You will reach the basement

Pick up record on left of room
Take crowbar
Go back upstairs to room

Use record with gramophone
Go out of room to foyer and go back to room - it will be red
Go to the back of the house and all the birds are gone except 1
Pick up crow

Go inside the house and up the stairs again
Use crowbar on boarded door
Go in and click on body
Pick up hairpin

Go to next 2 rooms on the left
Use hairpin on glass door
Go to balcony

Pick up hammer
Pick up thinner
Unlock door
Go back to hallway with paintings
Go to room second from right

Use crow on bowl beside window
Use rosary to open window
Go back to hallway
Go to leftmost room - you will hear a cat meowing

Go back to bedroom (room second from right in hallway with paintings)
The crow is gone

Go down to basement (room rightmost in hallway with paintings)

Use hammer on cement wall (end of basement)
Cat is found
Get knife from box behind wall

Go up to hallways and into boarded door
Go to room with paintings
Use cloth with thinner to get wet cloth
Use wet cloth on leftmost painting
Go back to balcony (from hallway with paintings)

Use knife on lynx
Get golden key from lynx
Use golden key on attic trap door

You will then find Anthony's body and a letter.
Pretty exciting for an app - looking forward to the sequel!

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